Have you ever taken a step back and looked closely at your amazing life??

Yeah, I know…sometimes when we’re living life, we get so caught up in the midst of it all that we forget to be thankful for the little (and very big) things. With November upon us, many of the people I know (myself included) are remembering to reflect more upon how blessed we truly are. Here are some of the ways I express my gratitude on a daily basis:

1.) When I wake in the morning (after I shut off my alarm…that thing gives me a heart attack even when I’m watching and know it’s coming!), I mentally say a few words about being thankful for waking up that day…hey, I know I’m young, but you never know!

2.) In my journal during my morning routine, I jot down one thing that I’m thankful for. (I repeat this activity in the evening, but go into much more detail!) Writing down what you’re thankful for makes a huge difference! You can see it! It’s not just floating somewhere in your mind…it’s much more real. :-)

3.) Before I eat breakfast (and other meals when I remember!), I thank a greater power for allowing me to consume a beautiful meal. I’m very aware that others go with very little and some are even starving. I try never to take food for granted and so, I eat very healthy, nutritious food that enables me to always (almost always!) be at my best.

4.) Anytime I’m about to take off in my car to drive somewhere I thank the universe for getting me to my destination safely. (I figure if I assume that I’m getting there safely, I’m closer to making it happen!) Driving is a daily activity that we rarely consider. Think about it…it’s a big deal! You’re getting into this contraption, most of us knowing very little about how it works, and trusting that it’s going to take you, in one piece, to where you want to go–that’s sort of crazy!

5.) When I work out (especially when I run), I silently thank my body for being so strong and having the ability to endure such insane tasks! Doing this pushes me to do more and temporarily gets my mind off of the pain! It’s a win-win!

6.) Finally, at the end of my day, right before I shut my eyes and am out for the count, I go into a longer mental gratitude list. Basically, I focus on all of the little and large things that I was thankful for that day. Sometimes when I know someone could especially use some positive mental vibes sent his/her way, I thank the universe for placing that individual in my life, and send the positivity right to him/her along the energy highway. Call me crazy, but I think they receive it. :-)

Give gratitude a try and reap the benefits!

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