Have you ever reached a goal unexpectedly?…

Today, I certainly did.

I’m of the belief that ANYTHING is possible and most things don’t surprise me, but I was slightly caught off guard this morning.

It all began at 7:00 this morning. I ran the St. Augustine half marathon. I’ve been prepping and training for this race for months now because above everything else, I’m a planner. :-) But you know what they say about planning…

Recently, in smaller races, I have been PR-ing left and right, but this was 13.1 miles. I’ve only ran one other half in February of this year and ran it in 2:12. I was very satisfied with this time then, as it was my first half ever and I was just happy to have completed it at all. Over the past few months though, amidst all of my training, the possibility of breaking 2 hours had slowly became a possibility for me. However, when I actually broke it down, the pace that I’d have to maintain didn’t seem very probable for me. But…

today was a good day. :-)

I started my race with the intention of beating my last half marathon time (a very manageable goal), but by about mile 11 the possibility of beating the 2-hour mark became very real. Today, I unexpectedly ran the St. Augustine half marathon in 1:59! Boy, that was close!! :-)

Sometimes reaching unexpected goals is much sweeter than attaining goals which have specifically been worked towards. Be it a stroke of luck, some magic in the air, or training better than I’d realized, I reached a significant goal in my life today.

So today was a good day. :-)

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