Soda- No, Water- Yes!

Am I mistaken or doesn’t everyone know just how bad soda is for you? Many adults have severe addictions to soda and yes, it’s easy for me to say, “Don’t drink soda!” because I don’t have an addiction to soda, but why are parents giving their children soda?? Let’s stop this addiction cycle now, with this generation. With all of the available information regarding the negative effects of soda, how can parents still offer this drink to their growing children? To me, it’s poison.

Have you ever seen a “soda tree”? What’s even in soda? I’m no chemist or nutritionist, but I know through logical common sense that soda is bad for me. Yes, I have an addiction to coffee, but I would argue that at the very least, there has been some research done revealing the benefits of coffee. Have you EVER read an article claiming that soda has ANY nutritional value? I haven’t.

So if soda is bad, then what should you be drinking you ask?…WATER!

We are so dehydrated as a society and most of us don’t even know it. Often, before you sense thirst, you are dehydrated. Water is the answer. We should be drinking at least half of our weight in ounces everyday and depending on the climate you live in, activity levels, etc., possibly even more. Our bodies are mostly comprised of water (not soda!), so it makes sense then that we should be nourishing our cells with water. Often times, when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty, and when you are feeling sleepy, you just need some water to wake you up. Not only does water offer a quick fix for these common complaints, but many ailments can also be cured with water. You know what people say when you’re sick…”Drink plenty of fluids,” well there you go…water is the answer again!

Back to my original point…soda is not helping you in any way. It can only harm you. Water, on the other hand, offers so many nutritional benefits. From keeping you hydrated, to maintaining high energy levels, water is it! We all want to feel good, so let’s end this soda addiction once and for all.

Thanks for listening! My “soda rant” is now over! :-)


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