Time Management

How do you manage your time?

I must say, managing my time has always been fun for me. I’m a dork who loves to plan and prepare. But what happens when you can’t manage the time that it takes to manage your time?

I suppose the answer is that you have to account for time to manage your time!

Currently, I’m in the process of learning how to start my own health coaching business and one of the course’s suggestions is to add up all of the hours that it takes for you to perform specific tasks and record how you allocate your time. You are to categorize different parts of maintaining a business and also take into consideration hours spent on self-care, such as exercise, massage, and continuous education. Once the week goes by, you can reevaluate and check if you actually spent your days in the most efficient manner. They suggest writing all of this information down on a Monday.

Well Monday passed by in a frantic way as it usually does and this “time management” exercise never got done.

However, I managed to find the time for my time management plan on Tuesday! I guess a day late isn’t so bad. :-) I think my time was spent wisely writing this post!

Please let me know how you manage your time…different routines you perform or helpful habits you’ve developed that work. I’m always searching for a “better way”. :-)

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