I wasn’t always this size…

There was a time in my life, (most of my life at this point) when I was overweight. Sure, I would’ve loved to had been thin, as any teenage girl would, but I truly enjoyed eating nutrient-deficient crap! And losing weight was hard (or so I thought). I never imagined that my dream would change. And instead of skinny and thin, I would choose strong.

I can honestly say that being thin is not my goal or desire in the least bit. Once you have a taste of being strong, you can never forget the feeling. It’s freeing, empowering, and just straight up wonderful! Being able to move loads of weight, pushing yourself to total exhaustion, testing your body’s limits is totally amazing. Having the strength to perform moves that you never thought possible or were even in your realm of knowledge is where beauty lies.

I’m so grateful that I’ve discovered this and that I no longer think skinny is “where it’s at” because it’s not at all! Skinny is nothing. Strength is everything and it allows you to do anything.

My hope is that girls learn this at a young age. I spent too many years wanting to be skinny. We need to teach little girls to do push-ups (NOT “girl push-ups”), run fast like the wind, and show them how incredibly strong they are so that they carry that mentality with them into adulthood. My hope is that they never know anything else but strength, so that they never find themselves in the battle to be thin. I want them to know that strong is beautiful.

So going back to where I first began…I am quickly approaching 30-years old, a size 2 (most of the time), and 118 pounds. But really, that doesn’t matter to me. I am strong and that makes me feel completely incredible. :-)

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